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Our products have been sold in Australia since 1967 and are now marketed under the Super Concentrates brand name. They are safe, water based concentrates which are very economical as well as being efficient and safe to use.

By purchasing concentrated products you help to reduce the huge amount of packaging which is produced in Australia each year as well as the energy required to make and then recycle it. By using our products the average family can reduce their waste by over 120 bottles per year and save hundreds of dollars at the same time.

You can purchase our products by contacting one of our friendly distributors in your area (see DISTRIBUTOR link above) or by selecting the link to our shop below. Your order can be delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia, at no extra charge.

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S & N Products Pty Ltd (ABN 97 098 084 354) are manufacturers in Australia of 'Super Concentrates' home care and 'Blue Moon' personal care products.

All of our products carry a guarantee of either refund or exchange.