Body Care

Blue Moon Bodycare, Health & Aromatherapy Range

We manufacture our own brand of unique luxury personal products.

Body Shampoo

Blue Moon BODY SHAMPOO is an excellent alternative to soap. A blend of natural ingredients including camomile and aloe vera with a pleasant fragrance this product is ideal for the entire family. The excellent foaming qualities makes Body Shampoo great for use as a bubble bath also. The high concentration level of this product means it is an economical alternative to messy soaps and will greatly reduce the 'bathtub ring'. One 500ml bottle amounts to over 100 applications

We recommend use of this product with a 'Salux' cloth (Item Code: 5115) or loofah to achieve maximum economy.

500ml BODY SHAMPOO and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $24.00

500ml Body Shampoo: Cost = $22.00 (Item Code: 4167)
PUMP to suit: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5085)
SALUX Cloth: Cost = $11.00 (Item Code: 5115)


Shower & Bath Gel

Blue Moon SHOWER & BATH GEL is concentrated for maximum economy. Shower Gel will leave your skin soft and smooth. Use a small amount on a Salux Cloth (ITEM CODE. 5115), loofah, sponge or cloth. Experience the difference by washing one arm with Blue Moon Shower & Bath Gel and one arm with soap - Shower & Bath Gel leaves your skin with a clean and silken feel. The product is PH balanced and contains a natural bactericide, Lichen, as well as camomile. One 500ml bottle should last for over 100 applications.

500ml SHOWER & BATH GEL and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $24.00

500ml Shower & Bath Gel: Cost = $22.00 (Item Code: 4150)
Pump to suit: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5085)
Salux Cloth: Cost = $11.00 (Item Code: 5115)


Hand, Body & After Sun Lotion

Blue Moon HAND, BODY & AFTER SUN LOTION Contains aloe vera, allantoin and camomile for a soothing moisture treatment, as well as witch hazel and conditioners necessary for the retention of the skin's moisture. This product is particularly useful before, and after, exposure to sun and wind. The soothing ingredients help relieve the dry, stinging sensation of sunburn. Apply liberally and massage into skin. PH balanced and fragranced with rose oil.

200ml Hand, Body & After Sun Lotion: Cost = $22.00 (Item Code: 4155)



Blue Moon ANTI-PERSPIRANT contains 12% aluminium chlorhydrate complex. Used with the non aerosol spray applicator this product is a very effecient and economical anti-perspirant.

Blue Moon Anti-Perspirant is effective in perspiration control, non-staining to clothing and the fragrance is ideal for both men and women. The product contains aloe vera gel and is pH balanced.

Blue Moon 500ml ANTI-PERSPIRANT and (re-usable) 100ml applicator bottle and sprayer: Cost = $29.50

500ml Anti-Perspirant: Cost = $26.00 (Item Code: 4160)
100ml Applicator bottle and sprayer: Cost = $3.50 (Item Code: 5090)


Herbal Deodorant

Blue Moon HERBAL DEODORANT is an aluminium free, non aerosol and effective personal deodorant. This product has been demonstrated to be effective in stopping the reproduction of the bacteria that creates body odour. Suitable for use as an alternative to anti-perspirants and when the skin is sensitive. Also effective when used to control foot odour - spray feet, socks and shoes to retard odour development. PH balanced and contains aloe vera and tea tree oil.

Blue Moon 500ml HERBAL DEODORANT and (re-usable) 100ml applicator bottle and sprayer: Cost = $29.50

500ml Herbal Deodorant: Cost = $26.00 (Item Code: 4162)
100ml Applicator bottle and sprayer: Cost = $3.50 (Item Code: 5090)

Blue Moon ROLL-ON HERBAL DEODORANT is an aluminium free underarm deodorant which helps control odour. Contains aloe vera gel and 6 essential oils.

75ml Roll-on Deodorant (Code 4163) Cost = $12.00


Essential Oils & Bath Oils

Blue Moon Essential Oils and Bath Oils: Aromatic oils sourced from various parts of a plant such as seeds, resin, bark and leaves. These materials have been used for thousands of years for both their cosmetic and therapeutic value.

The Blue Moon range contains only 100% pure essential oils such as:

  • Basil (ocimum basilicum) Cost for 15ml = $16.00

  • Cinnamon Bark (cinnamomum zeylanicum) Cost for 15ml = $24.00

  • Eucalyptus Staigerianna (eucalyptus staigerianna) Cost for 15ml = $14.00

  • Eucalyptus Australiana (eucalyptus radiata) Cost for 15ml = $13.00

  • Frankincense (boswellia carteri) Cost for 15ml = $20.00

  • Geranium (pelargonium graveolens) Cost for 15ml = $24.00

  • Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) Cost for 15ml = $22.00

  • Lemon (citrus limon) Cost for 15ml = $18.00

  • Lemon Myrtle (backhousia citridora) Cost for 15ml = $18.00

  • Lime (citrus aurantifolia) Cost for 15ml = $21.00

  • Orange Sweet (citrus sinensis) Cost for 15ml = $16.00

  • Patchouli (pogostemon cablin) Cost for 15ml = $21.00

  • Peppermint (mentha piperata) Cost for 15ml = $13.00

  • Rose (rosa damascena) 3% in JOJOBA oil. Cost for 15ml = $17.00

  • Sandalwood - Australian (santalum spicatum) 25% IN JOJOBA Cost for 15ml = $41.00 (includes eyedropper)

  • Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) Cost for 15ml = $13.00

  • Ylang Ylang (canangra odorata) Cost for 15ml = $26.00

  • Lemongrass Cost for 15ml = $18.00

100% PURE OIL BLENDS (with matching Bath & Massage Oils):

  • 'Relax' contains Lavender, Bergamot, Pine Needle, Spearmint & Geranium

    • Relax essential oil: Cost = $21.00 (Item Code: 4215)

    • Relax Bath Oil 100ml: Cost = $20.00 (Item Code: 4200)

  • 'Romance' contains Patchouli, Lavender, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang.

    • Romance essential oil: Cost = $21.00 (Item Code: 4220)

    • Romance Bath Oil 100ml: Cost = $20.00 (Item Code: 4205)

  • 'Revive' contains Lavender, Lime, Lemon & Patchouli.

    • Revive essential oil: Cost = $21.00 (Item Code: 4225)

    • Revive Bath Oil 100ml: Cost = $20.00 (Item Code: 4210)

Sweet Almond Oil 100ml: Cost = $12.00 (Item Code: 4300)
Camelia Oil 100ml: Cost = $13.00 (Item Code: 4305

Jojoba Oil 125ml: Cost = $26.00 (Item Code: 4320)


Liquid Soap

Blue Moon LIQUID SOAP contains a natural anti bacterial Lichen.  This product is highly concentrated - one bottle equals over 400 hand washes. Eliminates the need for messy soaps. Ingredients also include aloe vera and camomile and it is PH balanced.

Blue Moon 500ml LIQUID SOAP and pump: Cost = $24.00

500ml LIQUID SOAP: Cost = $22.00 (Item Code: 4165)
Pump to suit 500ml bottle: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5085)
500ml Applicator bottle and pump: Cost = UNAVAILABLE (Item Code: 5080)


Moisture Balm or Aftershave for men

Blue Moon MOISTURE BALM or AFTER SHAVE for men - soothing after shave treatment.

Blue Moon After Shave reduces the 'stinging' sensation often experienced with after shave lotions. Exclusive fragrance.

Blue Moon Moisture Balm is especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin. It can be used as an addition, or an alternative, to after shave. Contains sunscreen and vitamin E. PH balanced.

Item Code: 4175 - 200ml Moisture Balm for men: Cost = $26.00
Item Code: 4180 - 100ml After Shave for men: Cost = $26.00


Lipsticks & Lipgloss

Blue Moon LIPSTICKS & LIPGLOSS are long lasting lip colour and protection.

The lipsticks are rich and moisturising and changes to allow your own body chemistry to create the final colour. there are 4 different 'colour change' lipsticks - Green / Red, Blue / Red, Yellow / Coral and Black / Red.

The clear lipgloss acts as a soothing balm and provides protection from sun and wind.

Item Code: 4130 - Lipcolour Yellow to Coral: Cost = $16.00
Item Code: 4135 - Lipcolour Green to Red: Cost = $16.00
Item Code: 4140 - Lipcolour Black to Red: Cost = $16.00
Item Code: 4142 - Lipcolour Blue to Red: Cost = $16.00
Item Code: 4145 - Lipgloss lip balm: Cost = $16.00

Soothing treatment for dry, cracked lips.
Unflavoured Balm (code 4128): Cost = $13.00

Strawberry Flavoured Balm (code 4129): Cost = $13.00


Bee Pollen Capsules

'Australian By Nature' BEE POLLEN CAPSULES. Convenient capsule form.

Item Code: 4185 - Bee Pollen Capsules: Cost = $38.00