Hair Care

Blue Moon Hair Care Range

Five Easy Steps to Clean, Healthy, Shiny Hair.
The essentials of complete hair care are: Cleanse - Strengthen - Condition - Style - Control

Blue Moon Hair products:

  • Match the natural acid pH of the hair (4.5 - 5.5).
  • Economical - by producing concentrated products. Each 500ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner is equal to over 100 applications.
  • Larger pack sizes for less packaging and greater economy.
  • Quality - use only the best natural ingredients.
  • Blue Moon is a supporter of 'Choose Cruelty Free', the organisation for companies against animal testing in Australia.


Sulphate Free Shampoo

Blue Moon SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO: A natural shampoo that is free of sulphates and is formulated for all hair types.

  • Gentle cleaning action
  • Suitable as a shampoo for babies and young children.
  • Contains aloe vera, camomile and a natural apple oil fragrance.
  • Ideal for colour treated or permed hair.

500ml Sulphate Free Shampoo + (re-usable) pump: Cost = $25.00

Separate Re-order:
500ml Sulphate Free Shampoo: Cost = $23.00 (Item Code 4044)
Shampoo pump: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code 5085)


Camomile Shampoo

Blue Moon CAMOMILE SHAMPOO (pink) for dry to normal hair.

  • Recommended for chemically treated hair (e.g. coloured,etc) or hair damaged by sun, salt or chlorinated water.
  • Contains camomile and aloe vera for their excellent haircare properties.
  • PH Balanced. Concentrated so only a small amount is needed in each application.
  • One 500ml bottle amonts to over 100 applications.

500ml Camomile Shampoo and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $25.00

Separate Re-order:
500ml Camomile Shampoo: Cost = $23.00 (Item Code 4045)
Shampoo pump: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code 5085)


Herbal Shampoo

Blue Moon HERBAL SHAMPOO for normal hair.

  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Contains aloe vera, rosemary, stinging nettle and birch for hair and scalp treatment.
  • Concentrated so only a small amount is needed in each application.
  • PH Balanced.
  • One 500ml bottle amounts to over 100 applications.

500ml Herbal Shampoo and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $25.00

Separate Re-order:
500ml Herbal Shampoo: Cost = $23.00 (Item Code 4050)
Shampoo pump: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code 5085)


Lemon Shampoo

Blue Moon LEMON SHAMPOO for normal to oily hair.

  • Contains aloe vera and natural lemon extract.
  • Concentrated so only a small amount is needed in each application.
  • PH Balanced.
  • One 500ml bottle is equal to over 100 applications

500ml Lemon Shampoo and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $25.00

Separate Re-order:
500ml Lemon Shampoo: Cost = $23.00 (Item Code 4055)
Shampoo pump: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code 5085)


Hair Conditioners

Blue Moon HERBAL CONDITIONER (dry to normal hair) and LEMON CONDITIONER (normal to oily hair).

Herbal Conditioner

Blue Moon hair conditioners are unique blends of organic conditioners and balanced to the pH of human hair. Regular use of Blue Moon hair conditioners will help protect the hair from general environmental pollutants, chlorinated water in swimming pools, salt water and the damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun. Both conditioners contain proteins which are quickly absorbed into each strand of hair.

Herbal Conditioner (Green) - contains aloe vera and camomile extracts which are useful in the treatment of dry hair and scalp.

Lemon Conditioner (Yellow) - contains aloe vera and lemon extracts and is particularly suited to people with oily to normal hair and scalp.

500ml Herbal Conditioner and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $26.00

500ml Lemon Conditioner and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $26.00

Separate Re-order:
500ml Herbal Conditioner: Cost = $24.00 (Item Code: 4060)
500ml Lemon Conditioner: Cost $24.00 (Item Code: 4065)
Conditioner pump: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5085)


Protein Booster

Blue Moon INSTANT PROTEIN BOOSTER is a 5 minute protein treatment for dull and damaged hair. PH Balanced

Hair that is damaged and weakened by the sun, wind, surf and swimming pool water can become dull, lifeless and easily subject to breakage and split ends. Hair bleaches, straighteners, perms, tints and excessive use of hair dryers and rollers will cause further damage. Regular use of a good hair treatment can help strengthen hair and therefore minimise the damage. Each bottle of Blue Moon Instant Protein Booster will provide approximately 20 treatments.

200ml INSTANT PROTEIN BOOSTER and (re-usable) pump: Cost = $27.00

200ml Instant Protein Booster: Cost = $25.00 (Item Code: 4070)
Pump to suit: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5106)


Style Control & Hair Spray

Blue Moon STYLE CONTROL LOTION for perfect hair grooming and Blue Moon HAIRSPRAY for gentle hold (non aerosol).

Style Control Lotion provides an extra finish, body, shine and protection against damage. Best results are obtained when used on freshly washed hair but this product can be used daily with excellent results provided the hair is clean. Spray enough Style Control, on dry or damp hair, to obtain a slight silky feel from the roots to the ends. Comb and set hair and dry either naturally or with a hair dryer. For a softer style brush after drying. PH Balanced

Blue Moon Hairspray holds hair gently in place and can be easily brushed and washed out. The 500ml bottle is equivalent to at least 3 cans of aerosol hairsprays of similar size. Use on hair that has been set, styled or combed into place. Blue Moon Hairspray is low fragranced - if required you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, perfume or cologne for a matching fragrance. PH Balanced

500ml Style Control Lotion and (re-usable) 100ml applicator: Cost = $27.50

500ml Hairspray and (re-usable) 100ml applicator: Cost = $29.50

500ml Style Control Lotion: Cost = $24.00 (Item Code: 4075)
500ml Hairspray: Cost = $26.00 (Item Code: 4080)
100ml Applicator Bottle: Cost = $3.50 (Item Code: 5090)