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SuperBLUE is:                                                                       

  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Water Based
  • Non-Toxic / Non-Flammable
  • Replaces the need for many different types of cleaners
  • Dilutes up to 1:250 with water.
  • Safe to use on food preparation areas.
  • Suitable for use with Septics and Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems (AWTS)

A one litre bottle of SuperBLUE diluted to 'normal' strength is equal to 21 litres of supermarket products. This represents a saving of at least $120.00 and reduces the amount of packaging waste by over 40 bottles. SuperBLUE can be used on almost any surface.

Also available in 4, 20 and 25* litre sizes (see Industrial page).

A few of the many uses of this product are:

Light Solution (cost = 10 cents per litre) : Place 2 - 3mls of SuperBLUE in 500mls of water for any light cleaning requirements such as chrome, jewellery, windows, mirrors etc. or place 1 capful of concentrate in your car window wash reservoir.

Normal Solution (cost = $1.00 per litre) : Place 25mls in 500ml of water and use for all general cleaning of bench tops (all types), floors, ceilings, carpet spot cleaner, vinyl, upholstery etc.   
As a surface cleaner simply spray on, wait 10 seconds, and wipe off.

Heavy Solution (cost = $4.60 per litre) : Cleans ovens, barbeques, car engines, oil on concrete, collars and cuffs, baths, basins, paint brushes or use as a wax stripper.

SuperBLUE Pack: We recommend that for your initial purchase you buy the SuperBLUE Pack -
this consists of - 1 x Litre Bottle of SuperBLUE Concentrate
3 x 500ml (re-usable) Mixing bottles and Trigger Guns. Cost = $41.00

For separate re-order:
SuperBLUE 1 Litre Concentrate: Cost = $27.00 (Item Code: 4005)
500ml Mixing bottle and sprayer: Cost = $5.00 (Item Code: 5010)
Trigger Gun Spray only: $3.70 (Item Code: 5015)
500ml Mixing bottle only: Cost = $1.40 (Item Code: 5020)

Also see below for Squeegees / Mops for use with this product



SuperPINK is a gentle, multi-purpose, pH neutral detergent. It does not contain soap or harsh alkalis.

  • Replaces messy soaps
  • Can be used as an economical liquid soap which leaves your bathroom free of soap residue.
  • Ideal for handwashing delicate fabrics, woollens and dishes, cutlery and greasy pots and pans.
  • SuperPINK can be used as a pet shampoo and leaves your pets coat soft and shiny.
  • Non toxic
  • Non caustic and readily biodegradable.
  • May be diluted up to 1:6 with water
  • One or two capfuls in a bucket of water is enough to wash pets, cars, delicate fabrics and one capful of 1:3 dilution for a sinkful of water when dishwashing by hand.

SuperPINK 1 Litre concentrate costs $28.00. (Code 4010)

Also recommended for achieving the greatest economy from this product are 250ml Mixing bottles or Kitchen Soap Dispenser.
250ml SuperPINK Mix bottle and flip top cap: Cost = $2.00 (Code 5025)
250ml SuperPINK Mix bottle and pump: Cost = $3.20 (Code 5030)

Also available in 4, 20 and 25* litre sizes (see Industrial page).



SuperSOL is a highly concentrated disinfectant

  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast.
  • Safe economical, multi purpose, hospital grade for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
  • This product withstands boiling and freezing without losing its disinfectant properties.
  • SuperSOL is lightly fragranced when diluted and consequently no strong odour remains after cleaning refrigerators, freezers etc.
  • One litre of concentrate makes 21 litres of disinfectant at a cost of $1 per litre.


We recommend for your initial purchase the SuperSOL Pack:
1 x litre SuperSOL Disinfectant
1 x 500ml re-usable Mixing bottle and sprayer
1 x 100ml re-usable applicator bottle and sprayer.
Cost = $33.00

For separate re-order:
1 x litre SuperSOL Disinfectant: Cost = $25.00 (Item Code: 4015)
500ml Mixing bottle and sprayer: Cost = $5.00 (Item Code: 5010)
Trigger Gun Spray only: $3.70 (Item Code: 5015)
500ml Mixing bottle only: Cost = $1.40 (Item Code: 5020)
100ml Applicator bottle and sprayer: Cost = $3.50 (Item Code: 5090)

Also available in 4, 20 and 25* litre sizes (see Industrial page).



SuperBRITE is a low PH (acidic) multi purpose cleaner.

  • Removes hard water calcium deposits from windows, shower screens, baths, toilets, vanities etc.
  • Cleans oxidized metal surfaces and build up on ceramics, fat from BBQ's and fruit stains from textiles and woollen carpets. Effective in cleaning rust from metal tools, garden furniture, fittings etc.
  • Safe to use with septic systems and aerated waste treatments.

We recommend for your initial order to purchase the BRITE and applicator bottle:
500ml BRITE (code 4017) @ $25.00 + Trigger Gun / Mix Bottle (code 5011) @ $5.00

Also available in 4, 20 and 25* litre sizes (see Industrial page).



SuperSAF is a unique formulation containing natural Pyrethrin which is extracted from the Chrysanthemum daisy.

  • Readily biodegradable.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Water based.
  • Low toxic.
  • Low irritant
  • Economical
  • Safer for humans and pets and suitable for indoor and outdoor use with household and garden pests.


A 500ml bottle makes up to 20 litres for garden use and 2.5 litres for use as a household insect spray . Also available in 4 litre size (see Industrial page)

This product can be used on both vegetables and fruit and has a withholding period of 1 day.

Use for flies, mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, moths and many other house and garden pests.

For your initial purpose we recommend you purchase a SuperSAF Pack which includes a reusable mixing bottle and spray:
SuperSAF Pack:
1 x 500ml Bottle of SuperSAF Concentrate
1 x 500ml re-usable mixing bottle and sprayer
1 x 100ml re-usable bottle and sprayer.  
Cost = $34.00

For separate re-order:
1 x 500ml SuperSAF Concentrate = $26.00 (Item Code: 4020)
Trigger Gun Spray only: $3.70 (Item Code: 5015)
500ml Mixing bottle only: Cost = $1.40 (Item Code: 5020)
100ml Applicator and sprayer: Cost = $3.50 (Item Code: 5055)

 APVMA Approval No: 56656


Phosphate Free HLD

Phosphate Free HLD laundry powder leaves clothes soft, fresh and completely clean as it is free of fillers and dissolves totally in water.

  • Super concentrated
  • Low irritant
  • Low sudsing properties make it ideal for both front and top loading machines.   
  • Helps reduce phosphate deposits in waterways.
  • Each 2.5 kg bag is equal to over 100 normal sized washloads.

Many washing powders use materials and fragrances which can cause irritation. Super Concentrates 'Phosphate Free HLD' is low in fragrance and unnecessary chemicals to give you a highly concentrated laundry powder that doesn't make you sneeze or itch and at a cost of only 33 cents per wash.

We recommend purchasing the 'Phosphate Free HLD Pack' when you first buy this product:
"Phosphate Free HLD Pack" consists of
1 x 2.5 kg bag of HLD
1 x Plastic storage bucket
1 x measure scoop
Cost = $38.80

For separate re-order:
1 x 2.5 kg refill bag HLD: Cost = $34.00 (Item Code: 4025)
HLD Bucket & Scoop: Cost = $4.80 (Item Code: 5060)

Also available in 18kg pails

EUCALYPTUS LAUNDRY LIQUID 5 Litre - Phosphate free laundry liquid. Concentrated, heavy duty detergent suitable for top and front loaders.

1 x 5 litre Cost = $38.00 (Item Code 4028)

Pump to suit 5 litre bottle (Item Code 5041) Cost = $6.30



SuperSOFT is a lavender scented fabric softener. Add a diluted solution to each washload.

  • Conditions materials
  • Makes washing softer, fragrant and static free
  • Reduces wrinkling

One litre of concentrate makes up to 22 litres of fabric softener/conditioner at a cost between $1.35 (light dilution) and $2.70 (normal dilution) per litre. Leaves your wash with a light lavender fragrance.


For initial purchases we recommend the SuperSOFT Pack:
1 X litre SuperSOFT concentrate
1 x 500ml re-usable mixing bottle and measuring cup.
Cost = $34.00

For separate re-order:
1 x litre SuperSOFT concentrate: Cost = $32.00 (Item Code: 4035)
500ml Mixing bottle and measuring cap: Cost = $2.00 (Item Code: 5070)




SuperSOAK is phosphate free.

  • Whitens whites
  • Brightens colours
  • Ideal nappy soaker due to it's anti-bacterial properties.
  • SuperSOAK is concentrated and readily biodegradable.
  • Each 2.5 kg bag makes between 50 and 100 solutions.  

The enzyme technology of SuperSOAK makes this product extremely efficient in removing protein based stains such as albumin, gelatin, faecal matter, food residue, milk and also starch based stains such as gravy etc.
SuperSOAK is designed to work at lower temperatures and, because the product is compatible with Super Concentrates HLD laundry powder, it can be simply added to the wash for extra cleaning power.

For initial purchases we recommend also buying the SuperSOAK bucket and scoop for storage and correct measure.
SuperSOAK Pack:
1 x 2.5 kg SuperSOAK
1 x Bucket and scoop
Cost = $36.80  

Also available in 20 kg pails

For separate re-order:
2.5kg refill bag SuperSOAK: Cost = $32.00 (Item Code: 4030)
SuperSOAK Bucket and 25gm scoop: Cost = $4.80 (Item Code: 5065)


Gum & Goo Remover

Gum & Goo Remover: No home should be without Super Concentrates 'Gum & Goo Remover.'

  • Quickly removes chewing gum, most labels, sticky marks, shoe polish and many hard to remove stains.
  • Removes glaze and paper dust from rubber rollers on printers  
  • Removes annoying labels from glass, plastic containers, white goods etc.
  • Safe to use on most surfaces.  
  • This product is concentrated so only a small amount is required for general cleaning.

Gum & Goo Remover 100ml: Cost = $14.00 (Item Code 4042)

This product is also available in bulk pack sizes if required. Please contact the office on 1300 737 797 or email office@superconcentrates.com.aufor price and availability.

CITRUS DEGREASER 1 Litre: Removes grease, oil and grime from all hard surfaces. Concentrated / dilutes with water.

1 Litre cost = $27.00 (Item Code 4043)

Mix Bottle and Trigger Spray (Code 5013) = $5.50


Crystal Dishwashing Powder

Crystal Dishwashing Powder: Crystal produces sparkling clean results and a more gentle wash.

  • Very effective
  • Very economical - Each bag gives at least 130 washloads at a cost of around 23 cents per wash.
  • Contains its own in-built rinse aid.

A separate Rinse Aid concentrate is available for use in areas where water quality may vary. (see below)

We recommend you purchase the Crystal Pack when you first buy this product.
Crystal Pack:
1 x 2.5 kg Crystal Dishwashing Powder
1 x Bucket and scoop
Cost = $38.80

For separate re-order:
1 x 2.5 kg refill bag CRYSTAL: Cost = $34.00 (Item Code 4040)
Bucket and scoop: Cost = $4.80 (Item Code 5075)

Crystal RINSE AID 250ml concentrate (makes 500ml) equal to approx. 180 washes.
1 x 250ml Rinse Aid Concentrate
1 x Mixing bottle and cap
Cost = $16.40

For separate re-order:
250ml RINSE AID: Cost = $15.00 (Item Code 4041)
Rinse Aid Mix Bottle and flip cap: Cost = $1.40 (Item Code 5076)


Cleaning Equipment

We can also supply a range of cleaning equipment eg. squeegees, mops and brushes.

Please contact our office for sizes and prices available.

* 25 Litre Industrial sizes are not available to some areas due to Australia Post handling restrictions.