Industrial Products

We manufacture cleaning products in bulk sizes, giving you very economical concentrates.

SuperBLUE 25L

SuperBLUE 25 litre - Makes 525 litres of normal strength cleaner. Now also available in handy 4 litre pack.

SuperBLUE is the most versatile, economical and effective cleaner available. It is also Biodegradable, Water Based, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable. When diluted SuperBLUE is safe to use on anything that water is safe to use on. SuperBLUE has hundreds of applications and dilutes up to 1:250. The product has AQIS approval (No. 8347) for use around meat preparation areas.

A few of the many uses of this product are:

Light Solution: Place 2 - 3mls of SuperBLUE in 500mls of water and use as a chrome, jewellery, window and mirror cleaner. - 1 capful of concentrate in your car window wash reservoir.

Normal Solution: Place 25mls in 500ml of water and use for all general cleaning of bench tops, floors, ceilings, carpet spot cleaner, vinyl, upholstery.  As a surface cleaner simply spray on, wait 10 seconds, and wipe off.

Heavy Solution: Cleans ovens, barbeques, car engines, oil on concrete, collars and cuffs, baths, basins, paint brushes or use as a wax stripper.


Item Code: 9004 - SuperBLUE 4 litre bottle: Cost = $77.00 + freight cost
Item Code: 9006 - SuperBLUE 20 litre drum: Cost = $170.00 + freight cost

Recommended on initial purchase:
Item Code: 5005 - SuperBLUE Applcators (3 x mix bottles & sprayers): Cost = $14.00

(Please Note: Postage (freight) on INDUSTRIAL sized product is additional)


SuperPINK 20L

SuperPINK 20 litre - Makes up to 120 litres of quality detergent. Now also available in handy 4 litre pack.

SuperPINK is a gentle, multi-purpose detergent. Does not contain soap or harsh alkalis.

This gentle product replaces messy soaps, leaves bathtubs and basins shiny and clean. SuperPINK is ideal for handwashing delicate fabrics, woollens and dishes, cutlery and greasy pots and pans. SuperPINK is mild enough to use as a pet shampoo and leaves your pets coat soft and shiny.

SuperPINK is non toxic, non caustic and readily biodegradable.


Item Code: 9009 - SuperPINK 4 litre bottle: Cost = $92.00 + freight cost
Item Code: 9011 - SuperPINK 20 litre drum: Cost = $239.00 + freight cost

In commercial use this product is best used with a one litre bottle and pump (both re-usable)
Item Code: 5145 - SuperPINK 1 Litre (empty) bottle: Cost = $2.00

Item Code: 5040 - Maxi Pump to suit one litre bottle: Cost = $6.30

(Please Note: Postage (freight) on INDUSTRIAL sized product is additional)


SuperSOL Disinfectant 25L

SuperSOL is a highly concentrated disinfectant, effective against bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast. Safe economical, multi purpose, hospital grade for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. By reducing the surface tension of water it effectively penetrates into pores and cracks. This product withstands boiling and freezing without losing its disinfectant properties. The bactericidal film which resides after application of a solution prevents reinfection for some time and minimises static. SuperSOL is lightly fragranced when diluted and consequently no strong odour remains after cleaning refrigerators, freezers etc. One litre of concentrate makes 21 litres of disinfectant. Active: 2.0% W/V Quaternary Ammonium Compound


Item Code: 9014 - SuperSOL 4 Litre bottle: Cost = $77.00 + postage
Item Code: 9016 - SuperSOL 20 Litre drum: Cost = $170.00 + postage
Item Code: 5010 - SuperSOL Mixing bottle (500ml) + spray: Cost = $5.00

(Please Note: Postage (freight) on INDUSTRIAL sized product is additional)


SuperSAF 4L

SuperSAF 4 litre The safest way to protect your family and garden from flies and other insects. Makes 20 litres of insect spray or up to 160 litres of garden spray.

SuperSAF This unique formulation contains natural Pyrethrin which is extracted from the Chrysanthemum daisy. A biodegradable, non-flammable, low toxic, low irritant, effective and economical pump spray insecticide that is waterbased. Safer for humans and pets and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for garden pest control. Use for flies, mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, moths and many other house & garden pests.


Item Code: 9022 - SuperSAF 4 Litre: Cost = $143.00 + postage
Item Code: 5010 - 500ml Mixing bottle: Cost = $5.00

Available also as a bulk purchase of 6 x 4 Litres @ $655.00 + postage / freight

(Please Note: Postage (freight) charges on INDUSTRIAL sized product is additional. 


Phosphate Free HLD 18kg

Phosphate Free HLD 18kg -  Concentrated, no phosphate laundry powder. - Packed in a convenient pail. Each 18 kg container is equivalent to approx. 800 normal washes

Phosphate Free HLD: This low irritant laundry powder leaves clothes soft, fresh and completely clean as it is free of fillers and dissolves totally in water. It's concentrated low sudsing properties make it ideal for front and top loading machines. Helps reduce phosphate deposits in waterways.

Many washing powders use materials and fragrances which cause irritation. Super Concentrates 'Phosphate Free HLD' is low in fragrance and unnecessary chemicals to give you a highly concentrated laundry powder that doesn't make you sneeze or itch.


Item Code: 9024 - 18kg Phosphate Free HLD Concentrate: Cost = $200.00 + freight cost
item Code: 9025 - 36kg Phosphate Free HLD Concentrate: Cost = $391.00 + freight cost

(Please Note: Postage (freight) on INDUSTRIAL sized product is additional)