Skin Care

Blue Moon Skincare Range

Cleansing Lotion

Blue Moon CLEANSING LOTION is a gentle cleanser formulated to safely cleanse the skin whilst removing long lasting and waterproof make-ups, including eye shadows and mascara.

PH balanced
Contains Apricot oil, Sweet Almond oil, Soy Bean Oil and Lemon extract.
Suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin feeling bright and clean without destroying the skin's natural oil balance or its protective acid mantle.
200ml CLEANSER and pump: Cost = $29.00 (Code 4085)


Skin Freshener or Toner

Blue Moon SKIN FRESHENER contains a natural astringent, witch hazel, and extracts of Aloe Vera, Camomile, Rosewater and Allantoin - removes the last traces of cleanser whilst freshening and stimulating the skin. Apply before moisturising. PH Balanced

Blue Moon CUCUMBER TONER contains witch hazel and cucumber. PH Balanced.

200ml FRESHENER and pump: Cost = $31.00 (Code 4090)

200ml TONER and pump: Cost = $31.00 (Code 4095)


Day Moisturiser

Blue Moon DAY MOISTURISER is a light, non-greasy moisturiser especially suited to sensitive skin. Made from vegetable derived ingredients such as sesame and jojoba. Contains Aloe Vera gel. PH Balanced.

There are 2 Day Moisturisers available - fragranced with jasmine essential oil or fragrance free.

Use every day as often as required.

110gm jar Day Moisturiser with jasmine: Cost = $33.00 (Item Code 4100)

110gm jar Day Moisturiser fragrance free: Cost = $33.00 (Item Code 4102)


Night Cream

Blue Moon Night Cream Contains Vitamin E.

A rich cream which nourishes and moisturises leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.
This is a non-greasy cream which is readily absorbed.
PH Balanced.
60gm jar Night Cream: Cost = $33.00(Item Code 4105)


Clay Masque and Face & Body Scrub

These 2 products complement the Blue Moon skincare range.

Deep cleansing CLAY MASQUE contains a natural mixture of herbs in a clay base which cleanses, tightens and stimulates the skin. Especially good for drawing out excessive oiliness. Gives the skin a natural healthy glow. The face should be cleansed and freshened before using the Masque. Recommended use 2-3 times a week. PH Balanced.

Blue Moon FACE & BODY SCRUB is pH balanced. It is a natural exfoliant which is best applied to damp skin.
Face & Body Scrub contains jojoba, ylang ylang, vanilla and bergamot to help remove excess oiliness, dead skin cells and impurities on the skin. Leaves a clean, fine complexion.

110gm jar of Clay Masque: Cost = $26.00 (Item Code 4120)

200gm bottle of Face & Body Scrub: Cost = $31.00 (Item Code 4115)


Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Blue Moon ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM is a light, non-fragranced cream formulated with soluble Vitamins A and E. Vitamin A to achieve proper keritinisation, and Vitamin E to improve the blood circulation, skin texture and elasticity. A gentle cream which is especially good for the thin delicate skin around the eye and the throat. PH Balanced

25gm jar Anti-Wrinkle cream: Cost = $29.00 (Item Code 4110)


Intensive Care Hand Cream

Blue Moon INTENSIVE CARE HAND CREAM contains Vitamin E, Camomile, Lanolin and Aloe. The hands and the area around the eyes are the best indication of a person's age. Therefore, these areas require careful and regular attention to help maintain a younger appearance. Hands especially are subject to many types of harsh treatment and often with very little protection before and after tasks that cause cuts, abrasions, chapping, drying and many other problems sometimes leading to dermatitis. Used regularly this cream protects the hands, improves skin texture, replenishes moisture and rapidly assists in skin repair. Non-greasy formulation. PH Balanced.

200ml Intensive Care Hand Cream and pump: Cost = $21.00


Aloe Vera Gel

Blue Moon ALOE VERA GEL is a soothing moisturising gel that is 98% pure Aloe Vera. This remarkable gel has been well researched and documented over the years, especially for its exceptional properties in skin treatment. Helps to control excessive oiliness and is ideal for soothing relief of minor burns, sunburn etc. This product can be used at any time as a supplement to any skin treatment. Especially good after showering / bathing or sun exposure. PH Balanced.

4170 Aloe small.jpg

200ml ALOE VERA GEL and pump: Cost = $24.00